LAST CHANCE Durham Footstool Storage Blue (92 x 56 x 38cm)

Regular price £395.00


Plush, deep, available in stunning shades to suit your décor, this Durham footstool looks great and is wonderfully practical, featuring a generous storage compartment, ideal for storing stuff you don't always need on show. 

Simply add a tray to use as a coffee table, layer up with one of our beautiful sheepskin rugs for a lux, cosy feel, or simply kick off your shoes and put your feet up.  

Footstools are great for zoning spaces, you can use them to create pathways around a room as well as to create a sense of balance and interest in a room (particularly if used to display your favourite books or freshly cut flowers) drawing your eye to your room's focal point.

Impeccably hand-made in the UK by experienced craftsman. The Durham footstool features the classic deep button top and beautiful wooden turned legs. Upholstered in luxury, hotel-quality sublime velvet, it’s made to the highest standard with plenty of padding for proper comfort as well as glamour.