10 Reasons to Love Harris Tweed

10 Reasons to Love Harris Tweed

10. Timeless Style 

Fashion houses around the world have embraced Harris Tweed as part of their couture lines and catwalks and now we bring it to your interior decor too, for a touch of rare luxury in the living room that never grows old. 

9. A Scottish Slice of History 

Harris Tweed is dyed, blended, spun, warped, woven, finished and authenticated by local crofters and artisans on the Outer Hebrides Islands. You know that by choosing Harris Tweed you are not only receiving an exceptional quality product, but you are protecting a legacy to ensure that the craft continues for years to come by supporting those who make it. 

8. Artisanal 

Harris Tweed is crafted by hand without electricity. It takes many years to become a master weaver, with every step in the process managed by the skilled Highlanders. Skills are passed down with pride from generation to generation in the community. 

7. A Unique Recipe Reflecting Nature

Spun by hand, separate "recipes" of wool are carefully blended together before being spun. One yarn can contain several different colours making just the right hue. They say that the recipes all reflect the beautiful Scottish landscape with delicate tones that echo the the heathers, lochs, moss, mountains and sky. 

6. Protected by Parliament

Such is the significance and value of Harris Tweed, it's protected by Parliamentary law. In 1993 an Act of Parliament brought into being the Harris Tweed Authority, to promote and protect the Harris Tweed® brand across the world. Harris Tweed must be produced only in the Outer Hebrides and no where else. Where you see the Orb mark, you are guaranteed the cloth is authentically produced as outlined by the Act.

5. A Natural Product Through and Through

Not only does the colour of tweed reflect nature, it's very essence is natural too. Made from 100% wool, it's kind to the environment and made using low impact production methods. 

4. Practical 

We love beautiful things but they have to be practical too. Harris Tweed is just that, warm in summer, cool in winter, it resists water, is hard wearing and easy to maintain. 

3. Designed to be part of your family for years to come

Harris Tweed stands the test of time, it's built to be long lasting and hard wearing and it's classic, beautiful look won't fall out of favour. 

2. Good Enough for Royalty 

Did we mention you have good taste? From Catwalks to Courtiers, Harris Tweed is the choice for many, including royalty. 

1. Suitable for Every Space 

Whether channeling country chic or longing for light and airy living spaces... all are well served by Harris Tweed. Tonally it's wonderfully versatile, able to be dressed up or down, with the mood changed by accessories and lighting. Plus, all our Harris Tweed sofas are specially designed for low maintenance living, always looking sophisticated, not saggy(!)