Get the look: English Regency style

Step into the refined world of English Regency - a period that exuded so much timeless elegance, we still can't get enough of it. Since Bridgerton hit our screens, the era’s charming maximalist features have reignited our love affair with Regency interior design style.
From furniture choices to colour palettes to decor, we explore how to create your own English Regency style space for the 21st century.

What is Regency style?

Filling the short slice of history between 1811 and 1820, the Regency period takes its name from the time George IV reigned as prince regent due to his father’s incapacity. During this time, he was responsible for an influential British building – the Royal Pavilion in Brighton – a dance of design influences where chinoiserie wallpaper met Moorish domes met French secretaires, all topped off with a strong air of Neoclassicism. It’s this Regency style house, which was optimised by the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, that set the scene for the design style for centuries to come.

Creating your own English Regency style

Whether you live in a small modern flat or a spacious country home, it’s possible to incorporate English Regency style elements into your abode. 


Choose elegant furniture

What is Regency style furniture? At the heart of English Regency style lies furniture characterised by Neoclassical design elements, with graceful curves, tapered legs, and a keen sense of symmetry. Opt for sofas and chairs with scrolling arms and backs, such as those in our Oskar or Selfridges range. You’ll also find those classic, curved arms in the Oliver and Chessington sofas, and a chaise draped in velvet is pure English Regency sophistication.

Refine your colour palette

Channel the understated elegance of Regency interior design style with refined colour palettes. Think soft hues such as powder blue, sage green, and blush pink, which evoke a sense of tranquillity and sophistication. Meanwhile, deeper tones like emerald green and regal purple add depth and drama to your space. Finally, finishing with accents of gold and brass can lend a touch of luxury to any room.

Mix up sophisticated lighting

Before the days of electricity, a Regency style house would be illuminated with wall lights and chandeliers filled with candle bulbs. Today, your own English Regency-inspired interior can still exude that cosy elegance, without the fire risk. Opt for wall lamps with gold or antique brass finishes, and chandeliers adorned with crystal droplets to add a touch of glamour. Table lamps with tapered shades and intricate details can also pepper a room with a soft, flattering light. 

Add interest with decor

Plush, textured rugs in soft neutrals can create a more modern interpretation of English Regency style, while sophisticated decor accents can truly complete a refined look. Reflect the elegance of the era with ornate mirrors, gilt frames, antique porcelain vases, opulent draperies, and exotic decor that echoes the exuberant global influences associated with the style. 
Your very own Jane Austen-esque space awaits. Explore our sofas, furniture, and home accessories to create your Regency interior design style, or visit our converted showroom in Yorkshire’s idyllic Luddenden valley to see our treasures in person.

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