How to choose the best garden sofa for you

Coffee and croissants at sunrise. A moment alone, lost in a book. That magic feel of warm sun on your skin. Sweet, smoky barbecues, surrounded by friends. Summer days and nights are just around the corner, and nothing is more joyous than lounging or entertaining on a gorgeous outdoor garden sofa.

Choosing the perfect best outdoor sofa for your style, needs, and space can make all the difference to how you use your garden this summer. No more rickety chairs, or soggy seats: here, we share the quality features to look for in your modern garden sofa

Choosing a garden or patio sofa

Whether you're savouring a quiet moment alone or hosting a lively gathering with friends, your outdoor garden sofa will set the stage for relaxation and enjoyment: so choosing the right one is important. 

1. Assess your space and layout

Before you dive into your search for a garden or patio sofa, take a moment to define the space you’re working with. Size, layout, and existing furniture will determine the best outdoor sofa to suit the space. With more intimate gardens and balconies, for instance, a small garden sofa like our Blossom Garden Two-Seater will maximise space or the Rattan outdoor garden table and chairs, while larger outdoor areas can accommodate a sofa set, garden four-seaters, and footstools to stretch your legs out on after a long day at work.

2. Think about type and quality of materials

For outdoor furniture that lasts, prioritise quality materials that enhance durability, comfort, and longevity, withstanding the elements and ensuring years of enjoyment. Look for waterproof sofas and garden sofa cushions crafted from weather-resistant materials that prevent moisture, fading, and mould growth. Our Rattan range is perfect for this with planters to match so you can decorate the entire space. To ensure year-round quality, our outdoor garden sofas are weather resistant, non-flammable, and have a special antibacterial coating which makes them easy to clean.

3. Explore styles to find your favourites

Outdoor garden sofas come in a variety of styles to suit a range of tastes and preferences, whether you prefer sleek and modern garden sofa designs or rustic and traditional aesthetics. The colours you choose will influence the ambience of your outdoor space, so take cues from your garden and how you want it to feel. For example, if you have a lot of vibrant flowers, opt for colours that complement your florals: lavender and salvia go with a purple patio sofa, while sunny marigolds pair beautifully with similar orange sofa shades.

4. Consider pillows and blankets

Nothing quite lifts the spirits like snuggling under a blanket on a summer night. When picking the best outdoor sofa for your needs, also think about waterproof cushions for garden sofas, throws, footstools, and other accessories that will elevate it. Styling an outdoor garden sofa follows the same principles as styling an indoor sofa: you can easily create a Pinterest-like aesthetic by adding layers with fluffy throws, or playing with different textured garden sofa cushions for a cosy, luxurious vibe.  

Finding your dream outdoor garden sofa is a fun process: one that requires careful consideration of your space, priorities, and personal style. Putting all of this together – while opting for quality materials and handcrafted durability – will help you create an outdoor space that’s a haven of comfort, style, and functionality.

It can really help to see, feel, and test outdoor garden sofas for comfort: seeing is believing when it comes to quality. Visit our beautiful showroom in the idyllic Luddenden Valley in Yorkshire, or browse our waterproof sofa range and our Rattan furniture range online.

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