How to style a sofa with pillows and throws

All cushions and throws and no idea where they go? There's an art to knowing how to style a sofa, but once you understand the basics, it’s a super simple and cost-effective way to give your living room centrepiece a refresh.
Here, we share some of our tried-and-tested ways to style different sofa types and shapes, so you can create a look that brings a smile to your face, whatever your style.

How to style a sofa with pillows

Just as you might update your wardrobe to fit changing seasons or moods, the same can be done with your sofa. Let’s start with how to style sofa cushions. With so many different cushion styles on offer, it can be confusing trying to find the ideal balance. 
Firstly, do you do an eclectic mix or stay cohesive? It’s up to you: experiment with symmetry for a more put-together look, and asymmetry for a more casual, laid-back vibe. Likewise, mixing and matching textures can add so much depth to a look – for instance, blending velvet cushions with faux fur, wool or woven fabrics. 
Another effective way to add visual interest is by style in odd numbers. Arranging cushions in a group of 3 - 5 is perfect. Meanwhile, a single eye-catching statement pillow, a bolster cushion or even an oversized cushion – either centre stage, in a corner, or layered up – can serve as the perfect focal point. 

How to style a throw on a sofa

We’re big fans of layering, and throws are the perfect way to add depth to your sofa style. Plus, they’re extra cosy on chillier nights watching TV with a cuppa. For a luxuriously inviting feel, try casually draping a sheepskin over one corner of your sofa. For a more polished look, a folded blanket sits perfectly in the centre of a sofa. Feel free to play with patterns.

How to style a corner sofa

Knowing how to style a corner sofa with cushions with their generous proportions are the perfect place to dial up the styling. To make the most of your corner sofa, to make the most of your corner sofa, why not use symmetry, adding cushions either end to create a focal point in the corner by layering a snuggly throw or sheepskin with some irresistible cushions. Place large pillows to the back and bring smaller cushions forward. With larger L-shaped sofas, you can add multiple throws to different sections: mixing textures for maximum warmth and visual interest. 

How to style a Chesterfield sofa

Sumptuous, curved, and oozing with elegance, a Chesterfield is a joy to style. This type of sofa looks glorious with a fur throw and a couple of cushions (try one patterned and one plain, like we did for this two-seater Chesterfield sofa). If your Chesterfield sofa is dark, try lighter or vibrant colours to ‘pop’ against the upholstery.

How to style a chaise sofa

A grand chaise is already the focal point of any room, but you can make it even more alluring with some bolster pillows. Placed to the sides of the chaise, these give extra comfy support for the lucky person sitting by them, while adding visual interest. 

How to style a brown leather sofa

Brown leather sofas are a classic choice: these sofas have made a huge resurgence for 2024. Easy to dress up or down and cushions can completely transform the look and feel of your favourite sofa. To maximise the brown leather sofa trend with cushions and pillows, start off with neutral colours such as whites and creams for a timeless look. Style leather with Harris Tweed and print cushions for a country feel whilst adding a splash of colour with a bold print, You can also add contrast with jewel tones such as deep blues, rich greens, and even vibrant oranges to create heaps of visual interest against the brown leather. And for the finishing touch, drape a mix of throws in different textures to load up on depth. 
As always, figuring out how to style a sofa is entirely personal. These simple design tricks can work wonders, but it’s your sofa: you find what feels right for you. We’re all about embracing individuality, creativity, and comfort at Vintage Sofa. As we always say “you do you” and have fun with experimenting!
If you’re ready to find the dreamiest sofa to style with beautiful accessories, explore our range online or visit our converted showroom in Yorkshire’s idyllic Luddenden Valley.

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