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Nothing is off limits with maximalist interior design. Whether you’re a moody maximalist or into brighter eclectic mixes, this curated blend of styles is all about embracing you - what you love and who you are! A home that is yours alone and can be mistaken for no other. But exactly what is maximalist decor and how can you create a unique living room in this deliciously extravagant style? 
Here, we guide you through tips on designing your own maximalist living room, from mix 'n' match patterns to weaving together different periods and styles through colour, texture, and form. Because more is more is marvellous. Let’s dive in. 

What is maximalist decor?
You hear the term a lot in the design world, but what does ‘maximalist’ mean? Put simply, maximalist decor refers to a style that embraces an abundance of colours, patterns, textures, time periods, and other decorative elements. The opposite to pared-back minimalist style (which focuses on clean lines, simplicity, and a plain palette), maximalist interior design is rooted in a more-is-more philosophy - it’s playful, bold, and layered. Think cabinets of curiosities, objects d’art, mismatched vases, vintage candlesticks - a nod to our rich history with stately home inspired interiors, and Regency styles. 

How to do maximalist decor like a pro 

Maximalist decor is the art of mixing, and quality curation is the key to avoiding the look slipping into ‘cluttered’ territory. Here, we share a few pointers you can follow to ensure your home exudes your personality and makes you feel great. The key is creating organised chaos, to give everything a place or purpose. 

Go big or go home

We’re big fans of playing with scale at Vintage Sofa – it always dials up the drama. At its simplest, this is putting big things in small spaces. For example, a huge statement mirror above the mantelpiece. Or an oversized chandelier hanging quite low down over a table. Likewise, placing a bold statement sofa with an unexpected silhouette – like a grand Chesterfield with its rolled arms – in the middle of a room can truly make a maximalist living room feel magical. 

Play with pattern 

From an abundance of artwork to bold wallpapers, patterns can totally transform a space. Vintage maximalism often combines patchwork or floral patterns in the form of upholstery, cabinets, or rugsBotanical and tropical prints also can also work well in these spaces, especially if they are oversized, for a feature wall. Eclectic maximalist spaces celebrate vibrant patterns offering the opportunity to embrace your wilder side  - animal prints: zebra or leopard prints (like those covering our Oskar Chesterfield sofas). Botanical and tropical prints also can also work perfectly in an eclectic maximalist living room, while baroque patterns add a lavish ornateness to a more moody maximalist look.  

Think tactile

Layer up textures to add a delicious depth to your maximalist decor. The trick with this is to mix up the textures from the one it’s next to.  Accessories, cushions, rugs, and furniture all play their part. Velvet sofas are just what you need when you get in on an evening. Our velvet sofas are handcrafted with exceptional commercial-grade velvet which is extremely hardwearing: in fact, our sales director Georgina has had her Howard sofa for more than a decade and it’s survived nail polish, biro, a little one, and a cat – and still looks beautiful. 

Stick to a colour palette

For a calming space, complementary colour schemes are best. For instance, choosing inky hues can make a dark maximalist living |
/ues, you can let your beautifully curated furniture sing. Using jewelled colours for sofas and accessories such as deep blues, rich greens, and vibrant oranges are very on-trend, working gorgeously with peacock feathers you find in bohemian maximalist decor. But of course, your choice doesn’t need to be en vogue – it just has to feel like you.

Finish with the right lighting

Lighting is crucial to setting the mood of your maximalist living room and showcasing your curated treasures. Experiment with pendant lights in various shapes, sizes and materials, as well as table lamps in unique shapes and colours: we stock everything from monkey lamps to ornate palm tree lamps for playful eclectic maximalist living rooms. With sculptural elements and intriguing designs, floor lamps can also add the ideal mix of ambient and task lighting, as well as adding visual interest. 
While not exhaustive, the design elements we follow can help create a more-is-more look that creates both a stimulating and comforting atmosphere that feels intentional and balanced. So embrace eclecticism and be bold. Creating your own unique maximalist living room is all about surrounding yourself with elements you love, and creating a sanctuary that resonates with your heart.
Explore our sofas, furniture, and home accessories to bring together your own dreamy curated maximalist interior design, or visit our converted showroom in Yorkshire’s idyllic Luddenden valley to explore in person.

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