What is a loveseat? Why every home needs one

Could there be anything more adorable than a cuddle chair? Otherwise known as loveseats, this wonderfully versatile piece of furniture maximises space while fostering closeness. 

Here, we make the case for these snuggly two-seaters—and show you how to make the most of one in your own home.

Loveseat with zebra print cushion and sheepskin rug

What is a loveseat?

A loveseat, also known as a cuddle chair or snuggler, is a small sofa designed to comfortably seat two people. Originating in the 17th century, loveseats were initially intended to provide a cosy seat for a couple, hence the name. Over time, they've evolved to become a staple in homes, offering both style and practicality in compact living spaces.


Here, we make the case for these snuggly two-seaters—and show you how to make the most of one in your own home.

Purple loveseat

How big is a loveseat?

Typically, loveseats measure around 120 to 180 cm in length, making them ideal for small apartments, cosy nooks, or to complement larger sofas in living rooms. Their compact size allows for easy placement in various areas of the home, from bedrooms to home offices.

Cosy reading nook with loveseat
How to use loveseats

The versatility of loveseats knows no bounds. Here are a few ways you can incorporate one into your home:

  1. Create a cosy reading nook: Pair your loveseat with a floor lamp and a small side table to create the dreamiest spot for curling up with a good book.
  2. Position for intimate conversations: Arrange your loveseat opposite another chair or sofa to encourage feel-good conversations with friends and family.
  3. Use as a bedroom accent: Place a loveseat at the foot of your bed for a touch of elegance and additional seating in the bedroom.
  4. Add some home office comfort: Opt for a loveseat in your home office for a comfortable seating option during work breaks or client meetings.
  5. Bring into baby’s bedroom. Whether used to read bedtime stories or for snuggles between bathtime and bedtime, loveseats are adorable in nurseries. They become part of family life and are a beautiful way to make memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

Green loveseat
What does a loveseat look like?

Loveseats come in various styles, colours, and designs to suit different tastes and décor preferences. From simple, timeless designs to classic vintage-inspired pieces, there's a loveseat to complement any interior aesthetic: they’re the perfect way to add a pop of colour to a room, or bring a unique twist to your space. Whether you prefer leather, velvet, or fabric upholstery, you'll find a loveseat to match your style. 

What is a loveseat used for?

While the name suggests romantic connotations, loveseats are used for much more than just snuggling with a loved one. They serve as versatile seating options for various settings, from formal living rooms to casual lounges. From entertaining guests, to relaxing with a good book, or even simply enjoying a quiet moment alone, a loveseat offers comfort and style in equal measure.

Zebra print loveseat

Why do they call it a loveseat?

The term "loveseat" is believed to have originated from its intended use as a seat for courting couples in the 17th century. The compact size of the loveseat allowed couples to sit close together while maintaining a degree of modesty, making it an ideal piece of furniture for romantic encounters.

A loveseat is more than just a piece of furniture—it's a cosy sanctuary where you can unwind, connect with loved ones, or simply enjoy a moment of solitude. If you're looking to add comfort and style to your home, we can help you find the loveseat of your dreams.

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