Available at the Vintage Sofa Co the Banbury sofas and armchairs conjures up the ideal furniture for a kitchen, dining, or open plan living area. It’s uniquely petite and incredibly comfortable. The cushions are leather and Harris Tweed on the Banbury, so you have durability. The Banbury was selected because of its unique proportions. It’s a very petite sofa with elegant arms and still maintains the chesterfield look. The Banbury has a small footprint so 85cm deep and the 2 seater is 185cm wide so it is a petite but incredibly deep seated. The Banbury has a season hardwood frame, it’s second to none. We love the back of the Banbury, it allows itself to an open plan sofa space. If you move in 5 years’ time the Banbury can come with you, a bit like your children.