Harris Tweed Sofas

Curtains drawn. Candles lit. Wine poured. All before sinking into your Harris tweed sofa – a refined, timeless, and luxuriously soft centrepiece to any room.

Known as the ‘champagne of fabrics’, Harris tweed is a carefully blended and hard-wearing wool produced in the Outer Hebrides, an archipelago off the west coast of Scotland. Its warmth, comfort, and durability lends itself beautifully to our Harris tweed sofa collection, all made in Britain and crafted to last.

Whether you opt for a Harris tweed and leather sofa – bursting with countryside-chic – or a quirky patchwork Harris tweed Chesterfield sofa for a modern home, our range of designs and patterns offer something for all kinds of unique tastes and styles. Explore it for yourself…

In stock items available for delivery within 5-7 working days (10-15 working days highlands and islands)


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